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Re: Mass Effect games as Sci-fi

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I'm not overly fond of the idea of a movie.
What can the movie do that's better than the game, which YOU get to decide how you want to play?

Absolutely nothing.
Actually i think this is overstated by fans when it comes to the movies.

You can't influence the main storyline at all.. you can just influence cosmetic details surrounding the main story that deal with issues regarding a race (granted.. some of these are pretty life changing for some races) or a person but the main storyline will still progress like planned.

The movies will most likely focus on the main storyline and have its hands full with it as it is.. i'd also guess they won't switch out nearly the entire team from movie to movie so the movies will bound to deviate significantly from the games.

Of course fans will cry murder when their favorite scenes get omitted entirely but as comic fans have learned sometimes you have to sacrifice original material and change stuff because otherwise it wouldn't work onscreen.
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