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Re: Where was Earth's Leader?

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In America we (wisely) placed our federal capital outside of any of our states
Unfortunately, DC now has residents, which it was never intended to have. So for those who live there, "taxation without representation" is literally true.
Separating the residential areas from the Federal government areas, and simply retrocession'ing the residential areas back into Maryland would nicely solve that. While maintaining the Federal government outside of any state.

the novels ... so their word is as good as canon.
Only a tiny fraction of Trek fans even read the novels, and there is no reason to consider their content to be canon.

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In fact Earth has been shown to have representatives on the Federation Council
When was this?

Earth is a member and probably does have Federation representatives, but I can't remember any of them ever being shown.

We have no idea how those council members are chosen. It could be simply democratic vote.
Or United Earth's government might simply select them.

But to say Earth has to have its own governing body to have representation in the Federation is simply not accurate.
And how would the people of Earth have any say in the governance of Earth itself, if United Earth had no government?

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It could be a vast government or it could have extremely limited powers and responsibility. We don't know.
Subsequent to the naming of the United Federation of Planets during TOS, we hear of a "Earth Federation." Possibly a separate organization.

We know that at no time after ENT has Earth Government been shown to take care of Earth security.
Need to move that forward at least another century in time. TOS makes frequent mentions of Earth bases and Earth outposts.

And in TNG there were still colonies being created that were referred to as "Earth Colonies," not Human colonies, not Federation colonies.

or Starfleet/ Federation President making those calls.
I believe the vast majority of the time Starfleet gets it's orders from the council, not the president.

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