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Re: CW plans for a new Robin Hood series

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Smallville seems to have a couple different of audiences. Many fans who actually did like the early conception of the show probably did not like its later years. Particularly fans of characters/actors who left the show.
Well, part of that was the media landscape changing. When Smallville began, superheroes had less widespread acceptance, so the goal was to take the fundamentals of the Superman story and reinvent it in a form that stripped away all the comic-book elements and recast it as a WB-style (later CW-style) teen drama. (The WB tried to do the same thing with Tarzan a couple of seasons later, setting it in Manhattan and making Jane a cop. It lasted 9 episodes.) But as comic-book movies became smash hits, the show became freer to embrace those elements.

Another part of it was simply that the show went on so much longer than expected. Past a certain point, they could no longer justify making a show that was about Clark before he became a hero, so they had to begin telling a different kind of story. In the final couple of seasons, they essentially were telling Superman stories, even if they avoided the name and costume.

But also like most long running show the later seasons seemed really low budget. So while the ideas became more ambitious they did not have the money to show them. It was going to the cast. Which always happens, the longer the run the higher the salaries are to keep the original actors.
Which is why the series had so many cast changes -- new actors don't cost as much as the old ones. And why the final season of the show was down to only four regulars and had to struggle to make do with so few.

The production crew did not have the experience to really pull of the demands of the later years.
Actually I felt that in season 9, at least, the visual effects were quite good compared to previous seasons. Maybe they didn't have more money, but they really improved their design and composition, and the action thus felt much more effective than it had in earlier seasons.
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