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Re: Where was Earth's Leader?

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^ That's only because of dramatic necessity. Remember, there WERE supposed to be mentions of Earth's government in Homefront/Paradise Lost. But there wasn't enough time. They had the intention of doing so, but couldn't.
But the question is what was the role. Remember two things on this side. Ron could say it was the attention to mention it. But does that refer to himself or the head writer. Would it have been something that was approved by the powers that be, or was it just something that was originally part of the teleplay or original script?

And again I don't know what that detail was. Was Earth Government the one in charge? Were they a supplement to Starfleet or the Federation.

Was it more like here sign on to this, because we are doing it with or without you. There are many different possibilities, that without real detail make it impossible to really gauge what size, shape, and powers local planetary governments have in relationship to the Federation.

We simply don't know.
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