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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I've always wanted to pick up the series of books that take place after the show but when I found out they had killed off Janeway in one I was turned off from starting the series.
Actually Janeway was killed off in a TNG book, Before Dishonor. The VGR novels then had to deal with the consequences of that storytelling choice.

So my question is this - since I heard that Janeway comes back in the Eternal Tide (honestly the cover was kind of a giveaway ), would it be absolutely necessary for me to read the previous books or can I just jump right in with Eternal Tide?
If you're a Janeway fan, you should find plenty to love in the three books dealing with her death and its aftermath, Full Circle, Unworthy, and Children of the Storm. She's not ignored in them; her presence is very strong as the other characters deal with her loss and her legacy. I think she was served better in those books than she was in most of the books that she was alive for. (And she is alive for maybe half of Full Circle, which covers a substantial span of time that overlaps Before Dishonor.)

Not to mention that you can't really jump right in with The Eternal Tide, because it's the culmination of the plot threads that were established and developed over the previous three books (and Before Dishonor as well).

And even aside from that, they're just really good books.
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