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Re: VOTE | Voyager Avatar Contest: The Q and the Grey

Grats to the winners and a great contest! Mortimer Haren was a fun character, who was just there to satisfy a requirement of being in the field for a tour before he could land a job at the Daystrom Institute. Extremely apathetic, and competent surrounded by his intellectual inferiors, a man who didn't want to be in Starfleet, who can blame him for being POed he was stranded on Voyager? And no we never saw him again. Back to the Janeway collective and people like Haren get locked in rooms at the bottom of the ship.

But rant over... new theme! This may be a novelty but I've noticed some of our fairer gendered participants make jibes at the male oriented themes at times(women and such) so... to prove I pay attention and I'm fair... new theme... dun dun dun...

Janeway's men. That's right, our favorite female starship captain has hooked up(or attempted to, or at least got hit on by) several people over the run of Voyager. So post your favorite captain's beaus!
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