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Re: The Snowmen Grading and Discussion Thread

Well, that was a hundred times better than last year's effort!

Theme tune slightly improved, title sequence very improved. The story was fun, plenty of twists, good callback to the classic show, nice performances and effects... Clara is vgood - JLC is very beautiful, I must say - but I do kind of wish we could keep Strax as a companion, actually. Actually, when they had the umbrella, the Doctor & Clara almost had a Steed & Peel chemistry going. I hope they can keep that up in the spring season.

Memory worm's a bit iffy though - why didn't he have one for Donna, then? Turning things around from his bit of sulking worked well, and - especially with a new TARDIS set and new titles etc - it worked great as a jumping-on point for new or returning viewers.

Good trailer too - was that creature just before the Cyberman-throttling-Clara clip an Ice Warrior without it's helmet? The face looked just like a random skull-like creature, but it had clamps at the end of the arm we could see...

Only after the show had finished did we realise the irony that we'd been eating a souffle (made by Lesley) in the middle of it...
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