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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

Obviously I mean Dol Guldor will be the subplot of Movie 2, and the main plot will be Beorn - spiders - elves - Laketown - Smaug.

I just finished reading Hobbit this morning! I wonder if Movie 3 will actually be only two hours or so. Because from the death of Smaug to the end of the book is only 50 pages. And if Dol Guldor takes place in Movie 2, what else can you throw in but little bits like I mentioned above?

So, what does everyone think would be the best FINAL scene of Movie 3?

My vote would be Mount Doom bursting into flames as a tortured Gollum cries out "Shire! Baggins!". Yes, we already saw it, but it's the perfect ominous note to directly link the Hobbit with LOTR. And I'd like to actually see the phantom form of Sauron (as we saw in Movie 1) with his four fingers looming over Golllum.

I don't think it should end on a happy Bilbo in the Shire scene. I think it should end on a straight lead-in to LOTR.
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