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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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I really enjoyed "North Star," though I think it was kind of out of place in Season Three. It just seemed odd that they'd take time out of their oh-so-important mission to save Earth so that they could play cowboys. The episode might have fit better in one of the other three seasons.
Mr. j and I just watched this last night, and it turned out to be the first time, as we had, if I'm recalling correctly, taped it back in the day, but the tape was bad.

I had seen some stills but not the ep and had stayed away. So, it was, kinda, sorta, new Trek for us.

And we were both left wondering the same thing - why the f were they there when they had a time-sensitive mission?!?!?!

I would have loved one line - just one! A little throwaway of something like, I dunno, "We need to go down there to recharge the frangistat." And then it would have made sense.

Plus, er, the humans were abducted but allowed to bring horses? Wacky. What were the Skagarans intending to enslave them for? Pulling John Deere plows? It woulda worked better if the draft animals were alien instead.

Otherwise, given the above, it seemed an awful lot like a S2 ep that was in the can that they changed slightly (there's a nominal reference to the Xindi) in order to shoehorn it into S3, perhaps as a cost-cutting measure.

Lovely to look at, but ultimately kinda perntless, although I have a plot bunny in my head about a much later return to, I suppose I'll call it Skagar Prime. I'll find a way to explain the horses. Perhaps they'll be Houyhnhnms.
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