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Re: Mass Effect games as Sci-fi

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An Anime about Vega? Why is this even being made? Who gives a crap about Vega? He is obviously one of the worst, and most irrelevant characters in the whole story...
He's one of those characters that I only interact with when the game forces me to. Otherwise I ignore him whol heartedly.

I've thought this for a while, but when/if they make a Mass Effect film with Sheperd in, they should make two versions, nearly exactly the same except that one has a male sheperd and the other a female one.

Not just that though, in the promotion of the movies, make no mention of the fact that there is a male and female Sheperd versions. Just treat it as the one movie which is different depending on which screening you go to. I'd love that for some strange reason.
Why would any studio go through the expense and trouble to do this?

The default Shep has always been shown to be male> Players have the option of reshaping the base character to better reflect themselves or make someone new...but that never changed the fact that there was just one main Shep for use in the know the one used in promotions etc.
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