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Re: Minor BTTF Part Two question

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Well, I just checked.

I stand corrected on my original post. I falsely remembered that they went to November 5, 1955.

However, the date was November 12, the day of the clock tower lightning strike. They simply went first thing in the morning. The DeLorean was in the lab so the spot behind the billboard was available.

However it is intereting to note that, at one point in the trilogy,. there are five versions of the DeLorean (maybe six) that exist all at one time.

I believe the time is 1955.


The one Marty used in the first Back to the Future.
The one the old Biff used to give the young Biff the almanac.
The one Marty used in the Second Back to the Future to fix the alternate timeline.
The one hidden by Doc in 1885 and fixed by them later.
Also, considering the law of Thermodynamics, the ray materials for the original DeLorean exist in some form some time in 1955, not assembled,

I always loved this realization that there are in fact 4 Deloreans in Hill Valley at that one point in time. I always figured that given that fact, the fabric of the space time continuum must be fairly weak at that point in time given all of the holes punctured in time at that point.

Of course one could note that each one of these DeLoreans are technically from a different parallel universe/alternate timeline.

The raw materials for the first DeLorean in the 1955 that we see in BTTF 2 are from Earth 3.

Marty's DeLorean is from Earth 1 (which we never see again)

the Flying DeLorean is technically the version from Earth 2

The Burried DeLorean is from Earth 2 but on Earth 3

There is a great old Starlog article on this very subject called "The Other Marty McFly" that touches on all of this.

Its kind of funny that we technically follow the same Marty in each of the movies, but he NEVER returns to his same world.

He is originally from Earth 1 but the DeLorean is finally destroyed on Earth 3
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