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I just finished watching Dalek. I would say the quality is definately improving. Somehow, I'm not too attached to the Doctor, though.I suppose that even though I've never seen it before, I still managed to have my own preconception of how he'd behave. Maybe I was expecting someone not so chaotic. Is that the right word? It will be interesting to see how other incarnations of him will be.
Not so chaotic? That's a tough one, Eccelston (First Doctor Actor in the Revival Series) is one of the least chaotic of all the portrayals of the Doctor in Classic or NuWho
I wouldn't call the ninth Doctor one of the least chaotic, he as certainly conflicted and that came to the fore in Dalek.
Oh, certainly conflicted, but, we're apparently interpreting Chaotic in different ways. Chaotic, brings up images for me of David bouncing around or Troughton or Smith (And even Baker) seeming to bumble through his adventures or the convoluted schemes of McCoy. The images of Chaotic seem to me to apply to Davison and Eccelston least, and to some extent Hartnell
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