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We've just seen a season that was a slavish adaptation of its Sentai equivalent and it pretty much sucked. Many of the best PR seasons, by contrast, have kept as little as possible of the source material and told their own entirely original stories.
Time force and wild force were 80% sentai adaptations. Time force was good.
Which only proves my point. It's absurd to think you can predict the quality of a PR season by how faithful it is to the Super Sentai equivalent. The quality of any adaptation is never simply a function of fidelity, because an adaptation is a new work with its own creative voice and approach. What matters is the execution of the work itself, not its relationship to its source.

The relationship of the PR season to the SS season is only significant to the people who watch SS. But those people are a tiny minority of the PR audience. I, for one, have never seen an SS episode in my life; all I know is what I've read about them. The whole point of PR is to use SS footage as source material for a series aimed at an audience that hasn't seen SS and knows nothing about it. So all that matters is how good the PR season's story is on its own terms. Sometimes it can be good by doing a close adaptation of a good SS season; other times it can be good by mostly ignoring the source material and crafting a solid original story. Or it can be bad in either of those ways, or anything in between.

Fans and critics are always trying to find these simplistic, monocausal explanations for what makes something good or bad, but they're overlooking the obvious: If the formula for making something good were that simple, then everything would be good. You just can't make any blanket assumptions about what works and what doesn't -- except that putting care and integrity and hard work into whatever you attempt is more likely to turn out well than the alternative.

Right down to megaforce pink wearing short shorts, blue being the geek and all being in high school
Huh? Why are you assuming the Blue Ranger is "the geek?" He's dressed quite stylishly and has a confident smile. And I thought we'd long outgrown the old stereotype that glasses are somehow equated with being uncool.

So basically I have no idea if they're being slavish or nostalgic
And that doesn't matter. What matters is whether they do it well, whatever "it" turns out to be. Samurai could've been a terrific season if they'd been willing to spend the money on more experienced actors and writers and cast Japanese actors as the Shibas so it'd be a little more plausible. The problem there was with the execution, not the concept. Any concept can be done well or badly.
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