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We've just seen a season that was a slavish adaptation of its Sentai equivalent and it pretty much sucked. Many of the best PR seasons, by contrast, have kept as little as possible of the source material and told their own entirely original stories.
Time force and wild force were 80% sentai adaptations. Time force was good.

wild force couldn't save an already bland sentai concept

As for the future mega force, IMO it seems Saban is trying grab hold of any MMPR nostalgia he can milk

Right down to megaforce pink wearing short shorts, blue being the geek and all being in high school

Contrast this with most of the weapons and gear keeping goseiger

Their megazord is the "gosei great megazord"

Their mentor has "gosei" in its name

Morpher is the gosei morpher

So basically I have no idea if they're being slavish or nostalgic
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