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Re: Who is John Harrison (Possible SPOILERS or Insane Babbling)

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Looking back at JJ Abrams and having read some of the comics, one of my deepest fears may be coming true. A number of his works involve a conspiracy, which the protagonists must identify and confront.

In the comic "The Return of the Archons", it was insinuated that there is a conspiracy involving Starfleet. Admiral Pike is aware of this and is in contact with one of the conspirators. He is told by his contact to keep Captain Kirk in check. In the comic, the captain had uncovered an experiment on Beta III that was initiated by Starfleet. Now, from the Empire Magazine, the readers are informed that "Hes an incredibly brilliant strategist who is aware of various truths that Kirk is not privy to." (

Oh, frack!
I've been unlucky in trying to locate the individual issues of the comic, so I've been buying the books that contain two episodes each as I've been finding them, and just bought the one with "Archons" and "The Truth About Tribbles" yesterday. I was wondering whether there might be some connection. Orci (if memory serves) did originally say that Cumberbatch's character was canon, from season 1 of TOS. Landru would fit that description, and he might have a reason for using an alias (aha! Alias was another J.J. Abrams show.. ). And originally, Landru was a hologram, which might explain his apparent superstrength and resilience...

Though "Return of the Archons" was such a mediocre episode that I can't really see Abrams using it as a jumping-off point for a movie. The only thing that makes it stand out, really, is that it was the first episode in which Kirk technobabbled a computer into destroying itself.

I did find the comic's twist on the original episode to be intriguing, though.

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I suppose Section 31 still exists in the altered timeline, though we don't know for certain. As to any connection if it does....who knows?
In the "Archons" comic, there's a flashback to Sulu being offered a position in what is clearly implied to be Section 31, so I'd say yes, it exists. And I'm about 65% certain that the conversation Pike has, which throwback referred to above, is with someone high up in Section 31. (Otherwise, why have the Sulu flashback?)
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