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Re: Where do I start?

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I just finished watching Dalek. I would say the quality is definately improving. Somehow, I'm not too attached to the Doctor, though.I suppose that even though I've never seen it before, I still managed to have my own preconception of how he'd behave. Maybe I was expecting someone not so chaotic. Is that the right word? It will be interesting to see how other incarnations of him will be.
I was in your shoes too, coming in as a total newbie when I first watched Rose. For the longest time, I could not puzzle out who or what The Doctor is. Is he a do-gooder or someone more like Loki? Human or Alien? What drives him? Why does he do the things he do?

It took me till the beginning of the David Tennant era before I can truly say I have an inkling of what kind of person The Doctor is.
I think Tennant's run helped really define/redefine who and what the Doctor is at his core. And how he was pretty damaged and angry and hurt in his 9th regeneration but Rose helped change all that and how he was able to move past it into the quirky, more complete Time Lord he eventually became by Matt Smith's run - of course I think I still like Tennant the best, but I'm slowly getting to like him too. Although any Who fan has to watch the "Time Crash" special where Tennant's Doctor meets Davidson's Doctor (who incedentally became his father in law - after he married Jenny aka Georgia Moffat - Davidson's real life daughter in like 2011)
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