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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

There are 2 different types of creepy. One is when somebody makes you stop and go "errr…. I don't know about this person". This is usually when someone does something socially awkward -- like try to escort someone home even after they've declined. The other kind of creepy makes your skin crawl, because the act itself makes the person seem repulsive.

Let me give you an example. After a date once, a guy asked me if I was going to "run away from him". Creepy thing to say, but creepy in the 1st degree, not second. When you're hit on by a married guy, that's the 2nd type of creepy.

At first glance, Chrysalis seems in character for Julian. But Julian is the first type of creepy not the second.

Season 1 Julian was face palm embarrassing and socially awkward but no worse than many young, nerdy guys I've met. With Melora, it was inappropriate but excusable, because Julian was young, naive, and socially awkward. Also, Melora was a fully mature adult.

With Sarina, it feels more predatory. Julian should know better, especially since he's grown up quite a bit since Melora. A doctor abusing his authority without considering the welfare of his patient who couldn't possibly be emotionally equipped to handle his advances is on a different level than a naive act by someone who is socially awkward.

I think Chrysalis is out of character for Julian. I don't even think early season Julian would do what he did here. But if he did, he would at least learn a lesson about not violating medical ethics. But we know he doesn't, because later he skirts the boundary to get Ezri to talk to him. And the fact he didn't learn the lesson after Chrysalis makes that relatively innocent act seem creepily predatory as well.

Side note: I don't think the writers actually realized that they made Julian creepy.

Merry Christmas!
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