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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

Okay, here is my thoughts thus far:

Merry Christmas hit a point that I have to agree with (the post I am referring to is I believe 5 posts up), and that is for any sort of communist (by any other name)/Venus Project-Type economic system to gain popularity, people will have to feel that they are not sacrificing anything important to them. If people are told to give up their property, even if it is for the common good, they will resist, perhaps even violently, if they think this is a part of Big Brother's or the New World Order's plan to drag them to the work camps. So instead, they should be allowed to keep their property, unless it is to an unfair extent (slavery must absolutely be exempt from this consideration of course). I think this would help things go over much easier for the wealthy/"elite", if they were allowed to keep their fancy cars, their mansions, etc. One of the thorniest parts of a United Earth will be getting all of the countries to join such a world government, because if I remember right, I read something on the Venus Project website that said in order for this to work effectively, all countries will have to pitch in, otherwise we might fall short on the amount of resources available to distribute. If the dis-proportionment of resources didn't do Soviet Russia in, then it was probably not having enough resources to fairly sustain the entire population that did Soviet Russia in. People don't like to feel like they are being forced to do anything; if they are under the impression that it was their idea in the first place, or if they get to do things under their own terms, they will be much more prone to cooperating, and hopefully, everyone will end up happy.

These are my thoughts so far. I think I should read the other 4 pages first for any more insight before continuing any further.
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