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This Hexagon idea would require tons of original footage...
What's wrong with that? MMPR season 2 was mostly original footage.

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it's completely at odds with the Hurricanger footage
No, it isn't; read the article again:

The idea required the two teams of Rangers in a single season from Hurricanger...
The idea specifically grew out of the Hurricanger premise of two rival Ranger teams.

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the storyline as presented requires specific rangers to appear when not a single actor had been approached about his availability etc.
Again, from the article:
Bear in mind that this was a plan in the very rough stages and should not be treated with undue importance. It was birthed during a rocky time of transition when the direction and even continued existence of the show was in doubt. This is just one of many potential visions for a season of the show; one that ultimately went unused.
Bhaumik never claims it was more than a tentative idea, one that they didn't get the chance to develop further because of the decision to move production to NZ. Any other idea developed at the same time would've been aborted at an equally preliminary stage (and it sounds like several other "potential visions" indeed were), so that doesn't make sense as a criticism of this particular idea.

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Hexagon sounds like Countdown to Destruction stretched over an entire season, there's so much wrapping up and fanservice going on that the new rangers seem like an afterthought (did you notice that they are barely mentioned?).
False. There are several paragraphs' worth of discussion about the roles the new Rangers would play. Bhaumik again:
The main focus of the show would be on the new characters of the season, but many of the guest stars would be previous Rangers.
The article focuses on the ties to old continuity because that's presumably what the readers want to hear about. But that doesn't mean the actual season premise had an identical emphasis. What you're reading is not the actual proposal, but a discussion of particular aspects of it.

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Hexagon is too in love with the franchise's past and puts too much focus on it, that what makes it sound like dumb fanfic to me, it's a fanboys wet dream but not a realistic approach to an adaptation of Hurricanger.
Speak for yourself. I think it's a marvelous idea and would've been a hell of a climax to the Saban era. Whether it's a faithful adaptation of the Sentai season is irrelevant to me. We've just seen a season that was a slavish adaptation of its Sentai equivalent and it pretty much sucked. Many of the best PR seasons, by contrast, have kept as little as possible of the source material and told their own entirely original stories.
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