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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

A family member asked me before last night's game which two teams I thought were most likely to reach the Super Bowl. Without much thought, I said San Franciso vs. New England. Yeah.... that opinion has changed.

Seattle's on an insane hot streak right now, so they'll be one to watch out for. If Dallas beats Washington next Sunday, I'm imagining them getting the hell beat out of them by the Seahawks. Hard to say who the NFC's #6 seed will be at this point. Could be Minnesota, Chicago or (less likely) the NY Giants.

On the AFC side, obviously Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Pats are always in the discussion, though now you've got Houston as a legitimate contender for the first time ever. Arian Foster's recent health problem is a great concern though. And while I'm on the subject of high profile former UT Vols-turned-NFL stars, Peyton Manning.... 'nuff said.

Seriously though, it's amazing to me how Peyton's been able to not only come back from four neck surgeries, but also that he's back to where he was when he left off and has now turned Denver back into the elite team it was when Elway was still the QB. His former team has obviously been left in good hands as well. The work that Andrew Luck and the Colts have done in 2012 is truly inspiring. Hopefully they won't be a one-and-done playoff team. The Baltimore Ravens I'm less sure about. In the end, it seems that it'll all depend on their injury list as to how well their season will end.

So I really don't think I can accurately predict who's gonna be in the Super Bowl, but I think the matchup I'd be most intrigued by would be Denver vs. Seattle. Would also be neat to see Houston get there, if Denver is unable.
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