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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

I also think that more minds have been changed for the better just by exposing them to people from different backgrounds and allowing them to pursue education on their own than ever have by trying to reeducate people by force.

In Star Trek's mythology, people simply realized that we'd have more success working together and taking care of each other than we would trying to kill each other, due to the third World War. Endless pursuit of money was considered to be one of the causes of that war, and it is true post-war that trying to take more for one's self would have raised the odds of the human race being wiped out by nuclear fallout. So it makes sense to me that Earth would have come out of that with a moral edict against money.

In reality, once Earth got back on its feet they probably would have gone right back to capitalism of course, only being more careful about the obviously destructive side of it. Maybe the discovery of other planets with wealth far greater than their own might have encouraged to keep moving in the direction of globalization (A view that greater wealth for the planet means greater wealth for everyone on the planet), as Vulcan probably was only interested in dealing with one unified planet.

Then when replicators came out I can't imagine anyone still working a job they don't love.
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