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Re: Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - "47"

I'm glad you like it Gibraltar, that counts for a lot coming from you

My DS9 I see as being more focused on the AQ, rather than trailblazing into the GQ (though that would probably come, just not right now). Dealing with the rebuilding of the region, the fallout from the war and what it means for everyone.

I like to think I've amassed a good new crew for my relaunch:
Colonel Kira Nerys - Commanding Officer, DS9
Commander Austin Harris - First Officer, DS9 / Commanding Officer, USS Defiant
Lt. Commander Hjon Taelor - Second Officer, DS9 / First Officer, USS Defiant
Captain Navar Reo - Chief Security Officer, DS9
Lieutenant Jill Myers - Chief Tactical Officer, DS9 / Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Defiant
First Lieutenant Lin Kelsi - Chief Science Officer, DS9 / USS Defiant
Lieutenant Julian Bashir MD - Chief Medical Officer, DS9 / USS Defiant
Lieutenant JG Ezri Dax - Chief Counsellor, DS9 / Chief Communications Officer, USS Defiant
Lieutenant JG Nog - Chief Station Operations Officer, DS9 / Chief Engineering Officer, USS Defiant
Ensign Sykell - Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Defiant
Quark - Bar Owner
Jake Sisko - Federation News Service Correspondant
Kasidy Yates - Freighter Captain
Adele Harris - Restauranteur
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
8.01 - Darkest Before Dawn (Chapter 8 added, 12/09/2015)
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