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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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Pending no overnight stat changes, I have won my league's Fantasy Football Super Bowl! With a narrow margin, too: 133-131. I was sweating there towards the end of the Denver/Cleveland game. I needed to maintain my healthy lead, but my opponent had Damaryius Thomas who turned in a stellar effort with 102 yards, 9 catches, and a TD. Meanwhile, I had one of this year's fantasy studs, Trent Richardson, and he was laying an egg. At one point, I was actually down by 2 points, but then suddenly Colt McCoy decided to throw three passes Trent's way for a 4 point boost. Whoo, nailbiter!
Congrats. Both of my fantasy teams went down in flames as soon as the playoffs started. Too many injuries and too many stupid moves on my part.
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