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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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In wanting to own a gun? I agree.
I'm starting to think that the irrational fear of the gun banners is a clear sign of mental illness...
This is like you saying Trevon Martin had an irrational fear of being shot when he attacked Zimmerman..right before he was shot by Zimmerman.

It's not irrational to fear something that happens to people. It IS irrational to think you gun is going to do anything to protect you from the government.

Meanwhile, two firefighters have JUST been shot to death while responding to a housefire in Webster, NY. Should we arm them to?

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I mean, being afraid of something simply because it's "black and scary"?
Also, it can kill someone.
Aren't the other two fire fighters in intensive care?

Meanwhile the report I heard on the radio is that due to the police looking for the shooter, the fire continues to burn rather than being fought by the brave firefighters.
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