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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Last night, I finished reading The Body Electric. Generally, I found it grim. The introduction and farewell to the Istarral was touching and emotional. The "special effects" (vivid imagination of star systems smashed by a black hole) was beautiful from an aesthetic POV (wallpaper-material) but gruesome in its dimenions (so many suns and planets gone, plus civilisations).

One nitpick: Why didn't the Enterprise hail the surviving alien starships from the early attack and what happened to them afterwards?

Question: And did the Enterprise return to Federation space right away or was there some time for a little scanning and mapping of the galactic centre? After all, you don't happen to come there often.

Wesley was a welcome return and the Travelers are a cool culture. I also liked the scenes between Chen and Taurik. Getting involved with a Vulcan is quite a challenge on its own and when the Vulcan response it's a fascinating read.

What surprised me was Picard sudden change of heart, now wanting to remain in the captain's chair for some time to come. I had mentally steeled myself for his resignation, especially when Worf got the news from Nechayev.

So, will the Body Electric's machine rebuild those other galaxies now, or did I get that wrong? It would be a fitting path for redemption and repair some of the damage. All those destroyed galaxies, it is very sad.
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