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Re: New Empire magazine STID photos

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I'm not saying that the movie will be bad. Just disappointed that we are following one movie where he was a bad boy with another. I was just hoping to see a movie where Kirk works within the system to solve the problem.
I think it's a logical continuation of his character arc. We've heard Pike's warning in the trailer that Kirk is still too lacking in humility and likely to make a critical mistake. The first movie was about how Kirk got command; this one is about testing his worthiness for command, as he makes mistakes and has to learn responsibility and humility in order to become truly deserving of the command he just stumbled into before. I'm glad they're actually confronting the questions we've been asking for four years about whether he was really ready to command the ship yet. I wouldn't just want that to be glossed over and have Kirk spontaneously become a more disciplined, by-the-book captain without showing how he earned that.

Mr Silver wrote: View Post
Some really interesting details, although nothing "conclusive" (as is the JJ way). I'm starting to get Sector 31 vibes, given the talk about him being "within Starfleet" and being responsible for terrorist attacks.
But Section 31 isn't just the generic "everything bad done by members of Starfleet" group. They have their own specific set of motivations, believing their actions are justified for the good of the Federation. They might arrange terrorist strikes against groups they believed were threats to the Federation (and, if history is any guide, most likely exacerbate the threat by doing so rather than ending it), but against Earth cities? No way.

I'm increasingly starting to suspect that Harrison is secretly the descendant of Augments who went to ground after the Eugenics Wars, and maybe he's striking against the UFP's laws banning genetic engineering (what we see in the teaser trailer, the "I can help her" line to Noel Clarke, might suggest that). That could explain why a human member of Starfleet would have such enhanced physical and mental abilities. Maybe he's even looking for Khan and the Botany Bay.
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