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Re: New Empire magazine STID photos

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They're really doing this less than a year after he takes command? It's disappointing.
Actually it kinda makes sense. If someone were given command of the flagship right out of the Academy, no matter how heroic the circumstances, there'd be a lot of questions about his qualifications and a lot of second-guessing. It stands to reason that Starfleet Command would be watching him closely and ready to take his command away as soon as he screwed up. So this version of Kirk at this early stage would be far more likely to have his command revoked than the more seasoned Kirk of the Prime universe.
But we just covered the bad boy angle in the last movie.
Did Kirk ever stop being the "bad boy", defying orders and doing what he feels is right?
Even in his old age.

In any case, according to Pine:
Chris Pine: Iím different because I am five years older and hopefully a bit more mature and I have had many more experiences since the first film and you can only help that experiences to bear on the character you are portraying at the time. So Kirk is definitely different this time around.

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