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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Liked the first book, thought the second one was average and this one was poor. I'm surprised because, even with all the problems I have with modern trek, Mack's books are generally always pretty good even if I don't agree with all the story-telling choices.

Number of issues:

* The scale of the main threat was so big as to largely meaningless, I just couldn't bring myself to care

* The "see you round ending" with Gatt was WTF??? even given Data's promise to him and his aboutface ("gosh I was wrong about everthing!") that was so simplistic that it would shame a He-man cartoon

* The romance sub-plot was equally simplistic and was the sort of material you expect in to see in a poorly written YA adventure - I think the reason that I find Chen such a terrible character is that the writers seem to have this tendency to write her as a 14 year old girl in her personal life and the level of emotional complexity she displays because of that is the level of a kid as well. Again, when we got the denouncement, if this was live action, the characters would turn and look directly at the viewer. It just came across as filler.

* The solution to the main problem was intended to be epic and cosmic but just came across as a bit silly and felt like "oh shit, we've got a few pages left, let's wrap this up"

It was just a very poor book all round and I'm really disappointed that the Fellowship (who are a very interesting concept) were wasted in this story.
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