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Turbo felt like it should have been on TV, to me. The production values weren't that much better than the series that followed. The plot wasn't dreadful, it just didn't really go anywhere to me. Divatox was definitely the highlight.
It seems to work well enough for Japan, with the Sentai movies basically just being oversized episodes.

And on an unrelated note, Amit Bhaumik has posted details on the "Hexagon" concept.

The “Hexagon” was the original plan for the 11th season of Power Rangers to adapt the Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger season of Super Sentai for the season after Power Rangers Wild Force. The plan intended to continue some of the ideas and storylines from the Forever Red team-up episode of Power Rangers Wild Force as well as wrap up all loose ends from MMPR-PRWF. Just as PRIS essentially brought together and wrapped up the five or so preceding seasons of Power Rangers (MMPR-PRT), the intention was for the 11th season to bring together and wrap up all the preceding seasons.
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