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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

Well, okay, I was just trying to slip that one past them to see if they could figure out how to poop wihtout a toilet. I figured I could later give a speech about how they "worship the porcelain god" and then throw a beer, wine, and cheese festival to cement my rule by giving them all a guilt trip over their tummy's reaction to the cheap stuff I'll serve them. Divine gods, especially evil ones, do that kind of thing all the time.

Lately I am thinking that a homily on the sheepdog and the wolf might be in order, and how hard it is to protect the flock when the sheep think all sharp teeth are the same, but with people who think serious, heart rending problems are introduced in the first 15 minutes of the episode and solved once a planet agrees to the pat solution that doesn't make a lick of sense in the episode's last five minutes, I'm not sure any progress is possible.
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