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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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Nightmare, I think we can work with his proposal. As gun owners, recognizing that many are demanding the surrender of Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in exchange for just one life, we just need to dictate terms.

"We will guarantee to drop the murders by one, but in return, we demand that you destroy your TV's, cars, smartphones, and toilets. Then vote Republican forevermore, submit all your comments for our pre-approval, give us the labors of all your offspriing in perpetuity in this world and the next, and worship us as divine gods. You must also make cat toys for us."

The Founders have endless quotes on trading liberty for security, but if you figure in the profit motive, maybe we should just go ahead and exploit the snot out of these folks before any one of a half-million criminal gang members beats us to it.

Go grab up a random nephew, teach him to scream on camera for ice cream treats, and we'll take this country to the cleaners. Even odds says we can get them to renounce the entire Bill of Rights and half the thoughts since the Enlightenment, but most importantly, ALL their money.

All those perps in the EU, UK, and FBI bank robbery stats? Total morons. If only they knew they could exploit anti-violence logic to clean out entire national treasuries and turn millions into willing slaves with nothing but a nasty misspelled note and a pair of panty hose.
You are scared, afraid, aren't you?
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