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Re: Was Voyager better?

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I really like DS9, but I'm really frakkin' sick of DS9 lovers going *whine* "Our series is so much better/smarter/more serialized than yours". *end whine*

It's still just dumb ol' Trek. Fuck you.
So in a topic discussing the topic was Voyager Better?

People can't express the viewpoint as to why they think another Trek show was better?

Now if they were coming in here and saying Voyager sucks, you might have point. But they are fully entitlelled to come in here and say I think DSN was better than VOY (or any other ST show) because of X, Y and Z. Just as people who prefer VOY over other Tre shows can go into threads and say I dislike DSN because of X, Y and Z.

And I'd be wary of using language like the last sentance in your post.
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