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Re: So, what's up for Christmas?

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I love cranberry sauce too. I eat it all year, as jam.
That's how I like it (spreadable fruit), but my brother will only eat the cranberry sauce that's congealed and out of the can still shaped like the can, for some reason.

I have never heard of banana pudding but it sounds fabulous. What is it, I'm assuming one of those american creamy pudding things not an english dense with fruit cakey pudding thing?
In the case of my mother's method, it's a bottom layer of vanilla wafers, a layer of sliced bananas, then wafers, then bananas, then wafers until it reaches near the top of a large bowl, and then those layers are covered in a liquid vanilla pudding. It is a policy that every cookie must be covered.

It's then left to sit overnight in the refrigerator, and then when one gets a spoonful, it's all creamy and melts in your mouth. We use sugar free pudding so that everyone can eat it.
WOW that sounds great. Here we would probably use custard. I'd be adding a splash of sherry or two.

I have not had those Nila wafers in years. I remember the taste. I thought at first you meant wafers like this. We don't have the Nila style here at all, nothing like them. But it would work with these sort as well I think.

This is the first year I'm not having Christmas at my house. I actually get to go somewhere and be a person bringing stuff instead of being the person providing 80% of the stuff. It will be a much smaller space but they have two balconies and it's summer.. and there will be lots of BEER and CHICKEN and K-Pop and Shakira which we play every year for some reason. And salads, many lovely salads..
Woohoo! Sounds like a blast!
Also we are having Korean food thanks to the Korean relative which I am sure will outshine everything else, YAY

Hopefully no Korean wine though as that stuff will kill you.

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