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Re: So, what's up for Christmas?

I just got a nice surprise from one of my co workers: she is going to take my Christmas Eve shift! That means I get to spend more time with my daughter who is home from college!!
So Christmas Eve I will be making my famous fudge, baking some cookies, and making a cheese cake for dessert.
Christmas Day, I will probably make a big breakfast--you know, pancakes, biscuits, bacon, eggs, that type thing-- opening presents with husband and kids. I will also be making the traditional-at least in our family-turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Looking forward to this, seeing that my mom cooked Thanksgiving this year, and I missed doing it!
After dinner and dessert, just chill and watch movies or whatever, and hang out.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday be it Christmas or other! And if you are travelling, be careful and stay safe and warm!
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