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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Yes, but when the grid is lit and glowing the way it does, would it cast a shadow on the hull? It's the source of that blue light, isn't it?

I guess a naked light bulb casts a shadow in daylight even when it's turned on. I must say I'd never paid enough attention to that.

BTW, I don't know if I mentioned that the OBJ file came through with part names but no surface names. The part name for most of the drive elements was "SailRecurve," 1 through 4.

To keep from getting too confused during texturing and rigging I've needed to assign a lot of surface names and I get easily confused. So unless you've got something else in mind I've arbitrarily named these the fins - dorsal and ventral, port and aft. The big rotating structures are the mainsails - dorsal and ventral - and the small structures that open away from them are the topsails, dorsal and ventral.

The idea of something called the "ventral topsail" appeals strongly to me because it makes no sense - a stranger to these vessels would find it unintuitive.

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