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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Getting back to Lost City, I really have only two quibbles.

Though the drinking scene was charming, at this point in his character development (and frankly since he was a college sophmore), Daniel Jackson wouldn't be drunkenly babbling after one beer. If Apophis, Osiris, or Hathor had realized they were all just one wine cooler away from galactic domination, we'd be speaking Goa'uld now.

The climactic scene where they destroyed Anubis' fleet, the point the whole season had been leading up to (if not half the series) was allowed to wash over the audience - for about 15 seconds before they threw a blanket on our euphoria by returning to the sadness of putting O'Neill in a box.

For a Star Wars comparison, after Luke blew up the Death Star he cheered, Han cheered, the rebels cheered, and we all cheered, and they ended up getting medals and stuff. Lost City Part 2 cut straight fom Luke pulling out of the trench and clearing the Death Star's explosion directly to freezing Han Solo in a block of carbomite. It was like whiplash. They should've recut it to at least give us four or five minutes to transition, letting us bask in accomplishment and wonder of it.
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