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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

Ships in ST VI
Michael Okuda is on record stating that the class for ships can be deduced from the charts. This is proven when Okuda listed both the Eagle and the Endeavour as Constitution-class starships. Another starship on the chart, the Potemkin, was identified as a Connie in TOS. The Ahwahnee, the Emden, and the Korolev had Connie silhouettes. If three are Connie, why not the other three?

Ships on Greg Jein's article
Okuda copied the registries for the Constitution, the Essex, the Excalibur, the Farragut, the Hood, the Intrepid, the Lexington, and the Yorktown. He altered for unknown reasons several other registries. New registries for the Eagle, the Endeavour, and the Potemkin were created. The registry for the Kongo was changed to 1710, and the John Muir was assigned 1732 instead. The registry of the Valiant was changed from 1623 to 1223.

U.S.S. Carolina
A ship missing from The Making of Star Trek and Greg Jein's article was the U.S.S. Carolina. This ship was mentioned briefly in "Friday's Child". The "U.S.S.", in accordance with TOS standards, would indicate that this ship was a Constitution-class ship as well. Using Jein's logic, this ship could just as well be NCC-1700.

Starship Class
This designation was used in the alternate reality 2250s. From several sources, I have learned that Starfleet had a Destroyer Class Vessel (TMoST), a Scout Class Vessel (ST III), and a Runabout Class Vessel ("Emissary"). Using what is available, I think that Constitution-class and Enterprise-class starships belonged to the Starship Class family of vessels. I don't think that there was ever a Starship, a Destroyer, a Scout, or a Ruanbout.
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