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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

And I don't think any one is saying that other factors shouldn't be looked at, but just because there might be other factors doesn't mean gun control shouldn't be looked at as well.

Other nations have issues with health care of people with mental health problems, and have their own socital issues to deal with. These issues exists in all countries to various degrees now they may not be exactly the same or even directly comporable with each other.

So what would be wrong,

In requiring to register all weapons sales (be they at a shop or gun show)?
Perform a Federal background check in order to purchase a weapon?
Having to provide a medical certificate that you are mentally fit to own a weapon (annually at your cost)?
If you die the state takes ownership of any weapons until the benefactors have passed a Federal Background check and proided a medical certifciate?

Other more extreme measures would be to limit the amount of ammo you can prchase in a year, i.e 100 bullets for a handgun, however if you police your brass you can replace that upto the maximum ammount of bullets allowed.

True you would need a national database.
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