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Re: The Twilight Zone being rebooted by Bryan Singer and CBS

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it's about following his lead and creating an anthology of intelligent, literate fantasy stories that serve as insightful allegories about the issues that face our world today.
Today's audiences are far too cynical to tolerate that, as the past 20 years of TV has been overrun with series preaching ideology (usually from one point of view), to the point where the announcement of another series attemmpting to do the same would inspire as much as interest as watching grass grow.

This has been a problem with some I know who followed the current era Doctor Who series (and moreso with the spinoff Torchwood); after a time, they grew weary due to what they felt was a case of being "hit over the head" by producer politics.

Unlike the 1960s when issues had not become the prime element in TZ plotting, the current soapbox mentality of so many shows would simply render a new TZ as irritating, rather than entertaining or even thoughtful.
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