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Re: The Twilight Zone being rebooted by Bryan Singer and CBS

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What I said was that stylized writing is not a bad thing-- in fact, it's a good thing.
And I wasn't responding to that part of your post. I was chiming in to agree with your point that recreating Serling would be a mistake -- while questioning whether it would be a good idea to include his original opening narration. (The '80s version just gave us a brief glimpse of him in its titles.)

One is as you say, to utilize contemporary styles (e.g. bland color palette, shaky cam, Bendis-style dialogue) to make the concept relevant to a contemporary audience.
That is not what I said at all. I was talking about relevant issues, not stylistic aspects (and certainly not those stylistic aspects). Serling used TZ as metaphor to tackle then-current issues in a way he'd been unable to get past network censors in his prior work, issues like racism and the Vietnam War. A modern show could tackle contemporary issues like the rise of the surveillance state, the growing extremism on the political right, the dangers of climate-change denialism, etc. Stories that would say something about the world we live in and make people think.

It seems to me that the extremism of the political left is what requires the subtelty of the Twilight Zone to make it past modern "censors". (But stories criticisng the political right (with specific strains) would also be appropriate.)

I look forward to the attempt, and have high hopes of Bryan Singer....some great other suggestions for hosts, including yours of SInger (for some good reasons). I think SOME kind of narration is helpful to help the audience think about what they just saw...
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