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So Paradise Lost covers nearly three weeks?

Watching Homefront and Paradise Lost today and was actually paying attention to the dates given. Specifically, Paradise Lost begins four days after Earth's power grid was knocked out, which was supposed to be on the 23rd of an unspecified month, meaning the date as of the beginning of PL is the 27th. At the end, Admiral Leyton is getting ready to usurp the the President's speech planned for the 14th. It is definately the 14th at the end since Captail Benteen was in command of the Lakota, a command she was to be given on the 14th.

So, 27th to 14th means at most the episode covers 18 days if the month ending was a 31 day month and no less than 16 if the month ending was February (the episode is set in 2372, which will be a leap year).

I don't know, for some reason I always thought the episode only covers a week or so. It certainly doens't feel like over two weeks and almost three. This just really jumped out at me while watching the episode today, this timespan really seem wrong, but I guess there's nothing saying it can't be.

Thoughts, anyone?

EDIT TO ADD: I just checked out this Stardate calculator which claims the stardate given in Paradise Lost (49482.3) corresponds with June 25th, 2372. So if we adjust this to the date given in dialogue and assume that it covers June 27th to July 14th, that's 17 days this episode covers.
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