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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #66: Happy Holidays to you and your Space Stat

Thanks for the win!

DUKAT: Weyoun, don't bet the station on the next spin, it's a trick...
WEYOUN: Quiet! I'm on a winning streak!
DUKAT: *sigh* Your orders, Commander Quark?

BASHIR: Chief! I couldn't find a medical reason for your insomnia, so instead I've brought you an ancient cure that's been passed down in the Bashir family.

Jake proudly repeats all the things he's learned from Nog about women.

Jadzia turns the subject to escapades Ben and Kurzon had together during his bachelor days. Ben examines ancient Bajoran scrolls in a vain attempt to pretend not to be embarrassed.

Worf didn't think Counselor Troi would show up for his wedding.
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