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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

I see Cumberbatch's Sherlock as an extreme version of Doyle's character, one that has his empathy toned down and his narcissism ramped up. I don't see him as a sociopath, but neither do I see him as someone on the Asperger's spectrum, either. In terms of his relationship with others, I'd largely agree that he doesn't "give a shit." The puzzle is more interesting to him.
From my perspective I don't think his personality needs "approval" from others, he functions well enough without it, but he sure reacted positively when he found someone who actually likes him, ergo John. I remember that wan little smile of his when John said something positive to him in the cab in the pilot episode. For some reason it stood out to me--almost a child like happiness for just a moment. Someone actually liked him without resenting his abilities.

It's clear that Sherlock needs John in order to survive in a world where he has criminally insane masterminds like Moriarty after him threatening to burn his heart out. He definitely needs the reminder not to treat others like shit; like John said, every officer who Sherlock ever made feel like a tit was all too eager to believe the story Moriarty spun. The reporter he made feel like shit was all too eager to believe Moriarty's ridiculous story that he was an actor hired by Sherlock.

This is how I describe the difference between Cumberbatch's and Miller's characters. Cumberbatch is a Sherlock Holmes who hasn't looked into the abyss yet, he will eventually, and he'll get burned because of it. Miller has looked into the abyss, got burned, and he's a better integrated personality because of it.
Indeed. I may have to check out this Brett Miller Sherlock if I can ever get my hands on some episodes.

I don't believe sociopaths or psychopaths are at all appealing. (And the terms are synonyms, no matter what some of the applingly stupid dialogue would tell you.) I don't really believe this Sherlock gives a shit.
He must give a shit about something or the idea of John and Mrs. Hudson being gunned down wouldn't cause him so much pain. He wouldn't have gone out of his way to rescue Irene if he didn't care at least a little.

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