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Re: Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read

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One thing I think non-trekkies would want to go for at first would be characters they already know from the TV series and/or movies. That's also another reason to leave out any books that take place after the TV series and/or the movies and are mostly new characters.
On the other hand, there's no guarantee that said 'non-trekkie' will have seen any of the TV series or movies. Indeed, the original article seems aimed at people whose sole experience is the Abrams movie.

And so in those cases, the books with established characters are less accessible (oh hang on, Data is a robot?) than books which include entirely new characters.

That's why Articles... works. Because arguably having watched The West Wing does more to make that book more accessible than having watched any Star Trek.

It's stuff like that, Vanguard, New Frontier and so on that I recommend to friends who aren't really Trek fans but just like reading. And when I say "aren't really Trek fans" I'm talking about most people who maybe saw a few episodes of some of the shows when they aired, or maybe watched TNG when it first aired and have never gone back to it, who will barely remember the TV characters. But nevertheless enjoy a good read.
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