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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

I will probably go straight to Atlantis after SG:1, though at a slower pace as I'll be watching something new as well. It's not fair to Stargate to only watch them once when I've spent so many years rewatching Trek

I've been thinking though I have make sure it doesn't turn into one long Weir bash. They did seem to pretty much write her out of a lot of it other than getting her to approve stuff. I really got the impression they avoided giving her too much to do because she was so incredibly terrible.

And lurok it really does improve. It's not got the story telling levels of SG:1 which is a much better series. But it has many other charms and not just Rodney. I love it not being earth based, I love the city itself, it's visually delightful at times. And the chemistry and humor builds up. It has some very rewatchable episodes and one episode of genius I've watched about 5 times now.

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