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Re: Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

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An online petition? They'll HAVE to do something! Hey, I'll start one on The White House's website to get things REALLY going!
Thanks for the thinly veiled sarcasm. Nothing is ever achieved without trying. Being a forum full of Star Trek fans, I would have expected far more open minded attitudes than this.

Online petitions can be useful. If a physical copy has more impact, print it off and send it wherever when a reasonable number has been reached.

No. Not everything will be perfect and there's no need to petition to get your way.
Perfection? I never said anything about perfection. Perfection is unattainable, an is in reality unreasonable. Consistency is not unreasonable. This isn't a petition to 'get my way', it's a petition to politely ask CBS if they would consider finding a way to fix this. If they don't, fine, but at least an attempt was made.

We were served a less-than-perfect thing. We're not entitled to anything better.
Again, you bring up perfection. Perfection is not the issue here, consistency is. We were served a less-than-Season 1 thing, and as 'consumers' we should be entitled to a consistent product. Considering they expect us to pay the same price for it as Season 1. Perhaps they should have acknowledged the drop in quality with a drop in price, but that wasn't the case.

I don't expect CBS to reissue the entire season for free, that's not right considering it was HTV that screwed up. No, I would happily pay for the revamped version. If they wish to offer people who bought the HTV-Illuminate version a discount on an upgraded CBS-D version, that would be great but I really don't know how they would handle it if they chose to pursue it.

If anyone feels the text of the petition could be worded far more eloquently, and effectively than I have worded it, please feel free to help.

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