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Re: The Five...err Four Doctors!

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Well the dummy they borrowed from the waxwork museum for the stuck in the vortex scenes got along with the rest of the cast fine, hardly an ego at all to work around.

There's a Four Doctors Audio that's fun with 5, 6, 7 and 8 running afoul of the Daleks, but they don't meet. Then there's a 5 companions Audio on the other hand which gas has Ian Chesterton meeting up with 5 where Nyssa says "Are you sure we should let him do that Doctor Doctor? He's an old man..." to which 5 replies "There are things that that man has done in his life which would turn your hair white Nyssa."

And lets not forget the fantastic fan-comic the 10 doctors...

It's almost the 50th anniversary.

Anything can happen in 2013.
That comic is the fan-wanky-est thing I've ever seen, and the most fun.

I highly recommend it
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