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Re: TNT cancels Leverage

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Sort of a Mission: Impossible for the 21st century.
Yes, very much so. For all that Mission: Impossible (the series) was presented as a spy show, it was really a heist show at heart, about a team of grifters pulling scams or committing intricate thefts week after week. It's just that the networks wouldn't have tolerated a show whose protagonists were criminals, so they had to make them off-book intelligence agents pulling scams on foreign spies and terrorists and mobsters with the unofficial support of the US government.

Other than that, the main difference was that most of M:I (except for the first half of the first season, the entire fifth season, and the '88 revival) was essentially devoid of any real characterization of its core cast. The producers wanted them to be ciphers who were defined entirely by the roles they played.
True enough. Luckily, they used some really fine character actors for the most part.

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Heck, I picked up a new Kolchak:The Night Stalker novel at Barnes & Noble earlier this week--with Darren McGavin on the cover!
Not a graphic novel? What was the title?
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