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Re: Starship Farragut's "The Price of Anything"

I generally don't comment on acting in fanfilms since most of the performers in them aren't trained actors. I will say that John Broughton is much improved in this segment and it's obvious he got some good notes from the director.

I will agree with Dennis that maybe a comparison to WEAT isn't quite apt, given how many pros worked on that. I think it's fair to use TTI as an example because even unfinished you can still judge the quality of the writing, acting, lighting, camera work, etc. (it also helps that I have seen the ending).

The location work helps a lot. It opens up the visual scope. There are a few shots there that are pretty damned good.

So, in general, for a fan film it's really good. That said, it's a fan film, and it's got its share of flaws.

So, critiques aside, kudos to the team for making one of the best Trek fanfilms yet. Well done.
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