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Re: The Borg: Wondering....

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you're welcome to view the queen's retcon into BOBW as effective if you like.
Thank you, I believe I shall.

I disagree and think it was awkward.
Oh well, nobody's perfect. Did you read my novelization of it?

And First Contact's view on the queen doesn't gel with your take. In FC they take out the queen and the collective onboard the ENT-E becomes dysfunctional. So the personal queen DID make them more vulnerable.
And the Collective on board the Enterprise was just two dozen drones or so at best. Easily killed, and let's not forget that Engineering was flooding with that gas that disolves organic tissue. As the drones died, the surviving drones were being forced to take a greater percentage of the Collective. It's be like trying to run Windows 8 on a computer from 1987. Just can't be done.

the book's a little long to be read quickly. Give me time and I'll get to it.
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